Meditation Heaven and Earth

Through many years of body scanning and reclaiming I have developed my own way to re- align and return to a centered present. This is my own private meditation that you might feel useful:

Soften your gaze and bring your attention to the top of your head, imagine a gate, located on top of your crown, opening and you escaping through that gate and going up into the sky. If you are sitting in a room, imagine going though the ceiling and the many levels of the structure you are in until you see your shelter being left behind as you move towards the sky. Imagine going though the clouds and the many different layers of air until you see yourself leaving our stratosphere and moving into the space above Earth. Keeping going up until you see yourself leaving Earth behind, and than the milky way and than the Universe as we know it.

Imagine yourself floating though deep space until you find an infinite source of healing light. A light that is so beautiful to you that you feel compelled to move towards it. As soon as you touch this light imagine an instant return to the gate you opened on top of your head and feel this cool healing light touching your scalp. Your hair feels cool and relaxed. Your gate builds a source of light of its own creating a crown of light that moves upwards, and you now posses a royal crown made of light.  Notice how you are at this present moment as you make micro movements from your crown.

Imagine this light coming through this gate and radiating right from the center of your head. Imagine this light relaxing all the neurons on your brain, relaxing and healing your sinus labyrinth and relaxing and bathing your jaws, tongue and teeth. Feel your eyes relaxing and deepening into their socket as if laying down on a hammock. Now imagine this inner light in the center of your head radiating all around your face making a hallo and connecting with your crown light making at this point an umbrella hat made of light.  Notice what happens if you allow movement to happen originating from this third eye perspective.

Open the gate to your throat, allow this heavenly light heal your vocal chords releasing the tension of your muscles around your neck, your cervical spine and walls in of your trachea/esophagus tube. Imagine a beautiful light radiating from the center of your throat and passing through the skin of your neck into the space around it making a necklace of light. Allow micro movements or sound to happen from this new ignited center of light.  As you sense this light expanding and connecting with your umbrella hat, this light start to make the shape of a helmet made of light.

Feel the gate between your throat and your lungs and chest cavity. Let the top of your rib cage open and let this light come and fill your upper torso cavity. Imagine your muscles and bones of your shoulder releasing on top of this heart/lungs light. Notice your chest cavity filling up like a ballon of light, puffing up any collapse on your sternum bone, where your ribs connect in the middle of your chest. As this light grows and expands through the pores of your skin see your light embracing your body and giving you a nice hug, connecting with your helmet of light and making a blanket of light.

At his point, just bellow your diaphragm you feel your abdominal cavity longing for some of this light, feel the space just bellow your rib cage, the solar plexus area can be quite tricky some times. Imagine holding a torch or flashlight of this light and travel down to the stomach area. This is the area where most of us become aware of when things are not going right, and sometimes it can become a chronic problem due to the constant tension. Imagine that this is your personal private place, so make it yours, bring your light into the area, decorate it, bring the right material and build your safe place of retreat and reflection. The perfect spot to be, created and claimed as yours. As this place starts to shine feel the rest of your abdominal cavity bathing in this new inner sun.

Now bring your attention to your reproductive organs. Imagine your ovaries or testes being filled with light, imagine all the DNA potential that you carry from all your ancestors being illuminated and honored. Feel this light radiating from these amazing organs and making a ballerina tutu of light around your hips.  Allow movement to happen from this creative and sensual area o your body.  Notice how with every breath, you feel your hips gently rocking like a boat being caressed by the sea.

Now bring your attention to the area between your seat bones and your pubic bones, imagine a bowl holding all your organs.  Imagine this light aligned with all the other light creating a channel from the gate on top of your head to the bottom o your torso. Feel the light coming down this path until it fills up this bowl to the top, and let it spill over and down your legs all the to the bottom of your feet.

At the bottom of your feet imagine that each arch towards the middle of your body is making together a sphere of light that goes beyond the floor. Each foot resting on this impressive ball of light.  This sphere shoots down this heavenly light through the many levels of the structure you are on top of. Beyond the foundation of whichever architecture you are being shelter in. Imagine this light going further down through the many layers of dirt, rocks, sand, reaching towards the middle of Earth. Feel the warmth of the lava that lies many layers beneath you. Feel the Earth acceptance and support towards you. Keep giving this light to Earth until you feel Earth giving this energy back to you. Feel the warmth coming up around your feet, legs, torso, arms, neck and as it approaches the top of your head see the mix of cool and warmth, light from Heaven and Earth meeting each other and braiding together and rejoicing.

Next, close the gate that you opened on top of your head and feel the light that now you have re-ignited from within dancing in and around you. As you breathe feel how you breathe in a dome of infinite healing and circular light, feel yourself relaxing and coming into being. Feel yourself relaxed and held by Heaven and Earth.  Anchor your experience and go play!

Giselle Ruzany MA LPC


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