Why Counseling?

The decision to work with licensed professional counselor is a dedication to your own inner growth. Many people seem to neglect their emotional and interpersonal development. Caring for one’s self is often more than just exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep. Psychological problems can appear mysterious and shameful. In many cases, psychological issues such as grief, stress, trauma and depression can manifest in a number of physical symptoms as well, such as chest pain, headaches, lack of energy. Individual counseling is a powerful medicine founded in scientific study. Though it is not as easy to measure and administer as a pill, it solves problems and mysteries where other medical science can not.

The mind is perhaps one of mankind’s greatest mysteries – and no two people are exactly alike. Individual counseling is deeply concerned with helping you understand and accept who you REALLY are, whatever that may be. Individual counseling may require some dedication and definitely requires a personal commitment to change through self discovery. It is especially effective for dealing with deeply personal issues.

Everything that is revealed in a session is kept strictly confidential. Even with friends and family, you may feel you can not explore and express your deepest fears, desires and thoughts. With the guidance of an experienced counselor, such thoughts and emotions can safely lead to significant improvements in the quality of your life, your relationships, your physical symptoms and your work. Weather you want to explore issues about intimacy or patterns of destructive behavior you may notice in yourself, or you have anxiety attacks, or feel depressed, professional counseling may provide you with the answers you have been looking for.